9 Treatments to Remove Psoriasis Scars the Natural Way

A scar is a fibrous tissue that formed on the skin after a wound had occurred. This is quite noticeable because the cells that made up the scar are of lesser quality compared to the original cells. A scar cannot be completely removed and that is a fact.

Although there are several medical treatments and cosmetic procedures that can be used to cover up these scars, nothing can completely eradicate them. They can only be masked by some methods like steroid injections, laser surgery, dermabrasion and radio therapy. On the other hand, Ayurveda involves some safe herbal methods in scar removal. This involves simple home remedies that have no side effects at all. In this page, let us particularly look at treatments to remove psoriasis scars the natural way.

Treatment #1: Aloe VeraTreatments to Remove Psoriasis Scars

Aloe vera is a good choice for the treatment of residual scars. Its juice is applied directly to the scars and acts as natural bleach. After regular application, the scar will be reduced and slowly vanish.

Treatment #2: Cucumber

The cool cucumber contributes in scar tissue removal wherein a paste is made from it and is applied to the scar. Apply it and allow it to stay overnight and after several applications, the scar will be smoothen out.

Treatment #3: Indian Gooseberry

Indian gooseberry also known as Amalaki helps in the prevention of scars after healing. Amalaki is known to be rich in vitamin C which is essential in closing an open wound.

Treatment #4: Vitamin C

Vitamin C is important in the healing process because of its collagen content which is needed in blood clotting. Vitamin C can be consumed from sour foods and in creams like the cocoa cream. Cocoa cream plays an important role in the treatment of superficial scars.

Treatment #5: Vitamin E

Vitamin E is essential in the healing of wound after an injury that’s why it is necessary to increase your intake of vitamin E when you have wounds. Consume vitamin E from wheat germ, eggs, nuts and oilseeds. Adequate amount of vitamin E can enhance healing and this will result to a less scar after the wound is healed.

Treatment #6: Other Foods

Green leafy vegetables as well as fresh fruits must be incorporated also in your diet. Likewise a good amount of protein-rich food as they may contribute in the fast healing of foods with less noticeable scars left.

Treatment #7: Honey

Apply honey directly onto the scars and allow it to stay overnight. Repeat the application regularly to make the scars get healed completely.

Treatment #8: Tea Tree Oil

Get a small amount of tea tree oil and rub it gently on the scar. Do it several times a day and the scar will soon disappear in a few days.

Treatment #9: Olive Oil

Olive oil is a very good remedy in removing scars but if you don’t get olive oil, you can have any oil and massage it on the scar several times a day and after many days past, the scar will eventually wear off.

These treatments, being natural, may take you quite some time to see results. However, they can be of help to psoriasis scar removal.

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