4 Vitamins to Remove Surgery Scars

Surgery scars can make one self conscious because of their unsightly appearance. A well-balanced diet which includes vitamins, according to MayoClinic.com, can help with the healing process and aids in keeping the skin looking healthy. It is essential to talk with your attending physician first prior to the start of taking vitamins so that he can advise you about a well balanced diet and can recommend the right supplements suited for your body size and health.

Vitamins are important in the healing process as they are rich in antioxidants which contribute with the healing process, reducing the appearance of the scar in due time. Antioxidants can also help re-growth of a new skin and enhances skin’s moisture. What’s good about vitamins to remove surgery scars are they are low cost and can be used at home and since they are natural, there are no side effects.Vitamins to Remove Surgery Scars

Vitamin #1: Vitamin A

Because of the active component in vitamin A called retinol, it helps develop and maintain a healthy skin. It also helps combat infections during the healing process of the surgical incision thus prevent the occurrence of complications. Good sources of vitamin A are from some fruits and green leafy vegetables, liver and fortified milk. You can also purchase vitamin A as a supplement and take it internally. Some skin care creams and ointments also contain vitamin A which you can apply onto your scar to reduce its appearance.

Vitamin #2: Vitamin C

Since vitamin C is considered as an antioxidant, it helps in the formation of collagen. Collagen is a protein which helps in the healing and repair of body tissues. According to NIH, the body does not manufacture vitamin C, that’s why it is important to include foods that are rich in vitamin C in the diet. You can consume vitamin C from fruits such as oranges, lemons, limes, mangoes pineapples, berries, watermelon and grapefruits. You can also get vitamin C in dark leafy and grenn vegetables such as lettuces, spinach, green mustards, collards, cabbage and broccoli. This vitamin is water soluble which means the body does not absorb it according to “The Vitamin Book.” Therefore it is necessary to consume vitamin C everyday to obtain strong and healthy tissue.

Vitamin #3: Vitamin E

Vitamin E which is also called tocopherol is a powerful antioxidant which can help lessen inflammation of the skin, tissues and muscles as you recover from surgery. It also helps in reducing the appearance of your surgical scar. You can consume vitamin E through eating corn, olives, seeds and almonds. There are also some skincare products which contain vitamin E however, as mentioned in “The Vitamin Book,” the intake of vitamin E orally helps get the benefits of scar healing. On the other hand, applying vitamin E directly to a scar does not necessarily reduce the appearance of a scar.

Vitamin #4: Vitamin K

Another vitamin that can help promote the proper healing of the skin is vitamin K. The KidsHealth.org says vitamin K helps with the clotting of the blood which is beneficial in surgery. Once bleeding stops, the skin will start repairing itself. You can obtain vitamin K through supplementation or injection. There are also many foods that contain vitamin K such as green leafy vegetables, broccoli, soybean oil, and dairy products.

These vitamins are said to be very efficient in making you remove surgery scars. You may include them in your diet to be able to yield results.

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